This activity is focused on the study of neutron-induced reactions for nuclear astrophysics (stellar and big bang nucleosynthesis), for nuclear structure (levels density) and for nuclear technologies (current and innovative nuclear reactors, transmutation of nuclear wastes).

This program contributes to national and international efforts aiming at nuclear data improvement.


Experimental activities are conducted at the two main neutron time-of-flight facilities in Europe:

- The n_TOF facility at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland.

- The electron linear accelerator GELINA of JRC-Geel in Belgium.


Scientific and technical responsibilities

  • Neutron capture measurements
  • Data analysis
  • MC simulations of detectors response
  • Development of a flux monitor
  • Development of analysis programs




Emmeric DUPONT

#4245 - Last update : 12/05 2017
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This activity covers the measurement and modeling of neutron-induced reactions for incident energies ranging from a few milli-eV to a few hundreds MeV. The most studied observables are the reactions cross-sections that exhibit spectacular resonances corresponding to excited nuclear levels in the sub-continuum region.


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