Our plateforms : 4.Φ
Integrated engineering for physics
Our plateforms : 4.Φ

Extract from n°166 of the magazine "Talents" on the job of draughtsman, at the heart of the design office

The integrated engineering platform 4.Φ (pronounced "four-point-phi") is currently being deployed. Its ambition is to put the tools of the digital chain at the service of physics, by exploiting the digital model and the numerous data acquired throughout the physics instrumental projects.

The field of the physics of the two infinities is very interested in the potential of digital technologies known as "4.0" because it requires cutting-edge research instruments, specifically designed, most often in a context of international collaboration.

The challenges of the 4.Φ platform are as follows:

  • To exploit the digital chain in the framework of Irfu's instrumental projects
  • Position Irfu as an operator of research facilities
  • Improve technical exchanges between designers, laboratories and partners
  • Exploit the potential of additive manufacturing

This platform reinforces our capacity to exchange with our partners (CERN, ESA, ESO, Fermilab...).

The 4.Φ platform is grouped together on a surface of 300 m² in a single space and integrates two laboratories: the LCAP and the LRI. It has about fifty workstations equipped with the latest generation of CAD (currently being deployed), Cast3m, ANSYS, NX NASTRAN calculation licences and more specific tools. It is based on high-performance servers and an integrated database ensuring control of the digital chain and interaction with the project teams (currently being deployed).

Via the LRI, this mechanical engineering platform is involved right up to the project management of the equipment designed at the LCAP. Our knowledge of the French, European and even worldwide industrial fabric for certain activities, as well as our experience of public contracts, provide great efficiency in the realisation of Irfu's projects. We also act as a link between French industry and CERN.

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