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GANIL, National Large Heavy Ion Accelerator, is a very large equipment at the service of French, European and international research. Today, GANIL is one of the world's leading laboratories for ion beam research. A national laboratory located in Caen, its scientific community includes 700 researchers from laboratories around the world, who regularly come to GANIL to conduct experiments and participate in scientific discussions.

GANIL has an accelerator system and associated detectors used during experiments. The laboratory has just acquired a new facility, SPIRAL2 (On-line Accelerated Radioactive Ion Production System), inaugurated in November 2016. Its unique beams open up new horizons in core physics and interdisciplinary research. This installation is the fruit of technical and scientific collaborations between numerous French, European and international laboratories.

GANIL was created by two associated research organizations, in equal parts, for its construction and operation: the CEA and the CNRS. Its legal form is that of an Economic Interest Grouping (EIG). For the CEA, the GANIL Personnel Management Unit component (Irfu/GANIL department) has been attached to Irfu since 1 February 2017.

GANIL's 280 agents work in different sectors in charge of the laboratory's scientific and technical operation and development.

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