Travelling exhibitions

Find in this page, the travelling exhibitions available at the CEA corresponding to Irfu's themes. These can be provided to you, on request, for educational use, in the classroom or as part of scientific mediation. Feel free to send your request through the form available for each exhibition.


The Odyssey of Light

The travelling exhibition "The Odyssey of Light" allows us to wonder about the origin of light and its diffusion through time and space: where does it come from? How do its particles move through the Universe? What are their interactions with the material? Follow in the footsteps of Max and Soho, two particles of light. Max comes from the depths of the cosmos and transmits the story of his evolution. Soho comes from the Sun and reveals the secrets of our star.

Download the panels and the pdf here

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Date of creation: 2015


Journey to the centre of the Galaxy

The exhibition "Journey into the Centre of the Galaxy" offers a journey from Earth to the giant black hole that exists at the centre of our Galaxy. This journey in images and ten stages reveals the diversity of the stars by going through the successive stages of the life of the stars and the different lights of the Universe. An exhibition produced in partnership with Cnes (Centre national d'études spatiales).


Download the ten panels

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Date of creation: 2009



Others exhibitions can be found, in French only, here : Exposition itinérante

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