Irfu shares its know-how and knowledge with students through various actions.
More than a hundred physicists and engineers provide nearly 2,500 hours of teaching in various universities or engineering schools.
Several Moocs in astrophysics, particle physics are initiated by scientists of the institute or designed in relation with them.

Please find in the following items, all the contents provided by Irfu and the CEA in French and in English.

CoursCourses - being updated

Nuclear physics, particle physics, computer science courses, etc.: the courses given by Irfu research engineers cover a very wide range of scientific and technical fields.

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From the infinitely small to the infinitely large, several moocs with which Irfu's research engineers are associated are regularly broadcast, several modules per week, for an average duration of one month per year in French only.

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Laboratory works

Within the framework of the NPAC Master 2 (Kernels, Particles, Astro, Cosmo), Irfu has participated for more than 15 years in the organization and supervision of Laboratory Work (TL). Starting in September, the students, in pairs, supervised by permanent physicists and doctoral students, have physics experience to design, edit, produce and analyse from A to Z. They will thus be able to develop their autonomy by carrying out a physics experiment, from the design to the writing of a scientific article presenting their results. But also to confront the experimental techniques commonly used in physics of the two infinites (trajectography, calorimetry, optics, etc.).

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