Title Education level Speciality Deadline Duration Unit
Simulation and Optimization of X-ray Photon Shielding in the P2 Experiment (Mainz, Germany) Bac+5

Physique corpusculaire des accélérateurs


02/04/2024 4 mois DPhP
Model learning for parameter cartography applied to hyperspectral data in astrophysics. Bac+5

Traitement d'image

31/01/2024 5 mois DEDIP/LILAS
Characterisation of Micromegas neutron detectors: charge and light readout Bac+4


Physics measurements and data analysis Programming skills are recommended. Ability to write technical reports/presentations is essential.

21/05/2024 3 mois DEDIP/LASYD
Characterization of a CMOS sensor developed for the time tagging of charged particle detection Bac+5


Acquisition de données, analyses de données.

30/04/2024 6 mois DEDIP/STREAM
Caractérisation d’un capteur pixélisé en silicium pour la Physique des Particules. Bac+4/5

Électronique embarquée

FPGA, HDL, Cadence

31/07/2024 6 mois DEDIP/STREAM
Cosmological mapping of X-ray baryons in galaxy clusters using artificial intelligence. Bac+5


Neural network / conditional diffusion network X-ray emission code

19/04/2024 6 mois DAp/LCEG
Deep learning for gamma-spectrometry Bac+5

Physique nucléaire

Deep learning, spectral unmixing

17/04/2024 6 mois DEDIP/LILAS
Deep Plug-and-Play Optical Priors for Ground-Based Point Spread Function Models Bac+5


Deep learning, plug and play methods

17/04/2024 6 mois DEDIP/LILAS
Performance demonstration of a new hard X-ray highly pixelated spectroscopic imager for the observation of solar flares Bac+5


X-ray spectroscopy, spectral data analysis, physical modeling

20/04/2024 5 mois DAp/LSIS
Detecting the first clusters of galaxies in the Universe in the maps of the cosmic microwave background Bac+5


Statistical analyses using clusters of galaxies detected by the Planck, SPT and ACT experiments

31/03/2024 3 mois DPhP
Development of a gamma-ray detection system applied to very low-energy calibration of cryogenic detectors Bac+5

Physique nucléaire

Basic knowledge of nuclear physics, particle physics, solid state physics and instrumentation

01/06/2024 6 mois DPhN/LEARN
Study of Higgs boson pair production in the bbtautau channel Bac+5

Physique corpusculaire des accélérateurs

Trigger algorithm characterisation, evaluation of efficiencies, purities, acceptances Estimation of signal sensitivity, statistical analysis

20/06/2024 6 mois DPhP
Study and simulation of neutron line for the IFMIF-DONES installation Bac+4/5


Particle transport with Geant4

04/04/2024 6 mois DPhN/LEARN
Formal and numerical study of the emergence of the quantum to classical transition using branching random walks. Bac+4/5

Physique théorique, mécanique quantique

04/03/2024 5 mois DPhN/LEARN
Multimessenger astrophysics in real-time Bac+5


07/05/2024 6 mois DPhP
Machine learning for muon propagation through matter prediction Bac+4/5


We expect the candidate to have a good level in Python for data analysis (numpy, matplotlib, ...), to be familiar with C++, and to be curious about the current trends in machine learning. Also the candidate will need to have elementary knowledge in statistics. An experience with Geant4, Monte Carlo analyses or ROOT will be appreciated.

01/06/2024 6 mois DEDIP/DEPHYS
Measuring rotation in moderately-active rotators Bac+5


Data analysis, Numerical methods, Fourier domain, Wavelet analysis and signal auto-correlation, Data mining.

01/09/2024 4 mois DAp/LDE3
Precision measurement of the Z boson mass and width with the ATLAS detector at the CERN LHC Bac+4/5

Physique corpusculaire des accélérateurs

Statistical analysis, MC simulation, software development

01/06/2024 4 mois DPhP
Measurement and simulation of X-ray photon interactions with the Micromegas detectors for the P2 experiment (Mainz/Germany) Bac+4/5

Physique corpusculaire des accélérateurs

GEANT4 simulation, laboratory work

25/04/2024 4 mois DEDIP/DEPHYS
Muon detector monitoring and noise suppresion with machine learning algorithm Bac+4/5


We expect the candidate to have a good level in Python (numpy, matplotlib, ...), and to be curious about the current trends in machine learning. Also the candidate will need to have elementary knowledge in statistics. An experience with C/C++ and/or the ROOT framework will be appreciated.

01/06/2024 3 mois DEDIP/DEPHYS
Nu-INCL : neutrino-nucléon interaction modeling in INCL for neutrino physics Bac+4/5

Physique nucléaire

Monte Carlo method, numerical programation

17/04/2024 4 mois DPhN/LEARN
Point Spread Function Modelling with Neural Fields and a Differentiable Optical Model Bac+5


Machine learning

17/04/2024 6 mois DEDIP/LILAS
Quantifying uncertainty for unrolled algorithms with application to imaging in astrophysics Bac+5

Traitement d'image

Machine learning, deep unrolling

17/04/2024 6 mois DEDIP/LILAS
Search for unresolved source populations in the Galactic Center with atmospheric Cherenkov telescope arrays Bac+5


Phenomenological models of source populations, statistical data analysis method, massive dataset analysis, development of software computational tools

20/05/2024 3 mois DPhP
Simulation of the positron line at Gbar for antimatter production Bac+4/5

Physique corpusculaire des accélérateurs

Simulation, data analysis

27/05/2024 4 mois DPhP
Simulation of a beta detector for studying reactor antineutrinos Bac+4/5

Physique nucléaire

Particle transport by Monte Carlo simulation with Geant4. Measurements using calibration sources and analysis with ROOT software.

04/04/2024 4 mois DPhN/LEARN
Novel techniques of background rejection for the study of preequilibrium dileptons and low-mass Drell-Yan production in pp collisions with LHCb at the LHC Bac+5

Physique nucléaire

Relativistic kinematics, programming, MC simulations

04/03/2024 3 mois DPhN/LQGP


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