Title Education level Speciality Deadline Duration Unit
Studying stellar surface rotation with (NASA) TESS mission data using wavelet filtering and deep learning techniques Bac+5


Stellar physics, Surface rotation, data analysis, wavelet filtering, deep learning

09/05/2024 4 mois DAp/LDE3
Estimation of carbon-14 excesses from galactic supernovae Bac+5


Numerical Analysis - Numerical simulation

26/07/2023 3 mois DAp/LEPCHE
Development of an algorithm to find displaced vertices for the CLAS12 experiment Bac+5

Physique nucléaire

05/06/2023 6 mois DPhN/LSN
Feasibility of future QGP measurements at the LHC Bac+3

Physique corpusculaire des accélérateurs

MC simulations

30/06/2023 3 mois DPhN/LQGP
Application of a new machine learning methods to 3D muon tracks reconstruction with deep neural network Bac+4/5


During this internship, the intern would need to: • Understand the concept of algorithm unrolling • Understand the current 3D reconstruction algorithm • Propose and train a proof of concept to unroll the 3D reconstruction • Perform a 3D reconstruction and evaluate the performance increase/decrease

30/06/2023 3 mois DEDIP/DEPHYS
Machine learning for pixel demultiplexing in a gaseous time projection chamber for muography applications Bac+4/5


During this internship, the intern would need to: • Understand how the TPC detector and its multiplexing works • Understand the current demultiplexing approach • Develop an implementation of a convolutional layer for hexagonal pixels • Develop and train a network to demultiplex the detector pixels

30/06/2023 3 mois DEDIP/DEPHYS
Caractérisation de la chaîne de détection, projet G-LEAD Bac+4/5


11/08/2023 4 mois DEDIP/LASYD


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