Title Education level Speciality Deadline Duration Unit
The Interstellar Medium of Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies Bac+5


- Manipulation de données multi-longueurs d'onde (fichiers FITS) - Reprojection astrométrique, convolution d'images - Propagation des incertitudes - Utilisation d'un modèle sur un serveur de calcul - Physique statistique et électromagnétisme

30/04/2023 3 mois DAp/LFEMI
Electronic card routing under CADENCE Allegro and Update of a component database in python Bac+2

Électronique analogique

The candidate is in BUT or license with a specialization in electronics and / or computer science and is looking for an internship of 10 to 12 weeks. The technical skills asked are: o Knowledge of the components used on low power electronics o Experience with routing schematic software such as Cadence/Altium or Kicad, o General knowledge of PCB design is a plus The candidate is rigorous, dynamic and curious in the field, and shows adaption capacities, listening and synthesis in order to understand the different needs of the users. Aside these technical competences, candidate will be curious, dynamic and eager to propose personal solutions.

10/05/2023 3 mois DEDIP/LISETA
Application of a new machine learning methods to 3D muon tracks reconstruction with deep neural network Bac+4/5


During this internship, the intern would need to: • Understand the concept of algorithm unrolling • Understand the current 3D reconstruction algorithm • Propose and train a proof of concept to unroll the 3D reconstruction • Perform a 3D reconstruction and evaluate the performance increase/decrease

30/06/2023 3 mois DEDIP/DEPHYS
Machine learning for pixel demultiplexing in a gaseous time projection chamber for muography applications Bac+4/5


During this internship, the intern would need to: • Understand how the TPC detector and its multiplexing works • Understand the current demultiplexing approach • Develop an implementation of a convolutional layer for hexagonal pixels • Develop and train a network to demultiplex the detector pixels

30/06/2023 3 mois DEDIP/DEPHYS
Feasibility of future QGP measurements at the LHC Bac+3

Physique corpusculaire des accélérateurs

MC simulations

30/06/2023 3 mois DPhN/LQGP
Estimation of carbon-14 excesses from galactic supernovae Bac+5


Numerical Analysis - Numerical simulation

26/07/2023 3 mois DAp/LEPCHE
Simulation of a detection setup for the measurement of fission beta spectra in the context of reactor antineutrinos Bac+4/5

Physique nucléaire

- C++ using ROOT (CERN) libraries. - Simulation with GEANT4.

31/03/2023 3 ans DPhN/LEARN
Gamma cosmology: Measures of the intergalactic magnetic field using gamma-ray bursts and CTA Bac+5


Modelling with Monte Carlo numerical simulations, Data analysis

01/04/2023 4 mois DAp/LEPCHE
Studying stellar surface rotation with (NASA) TESS mission data using wavelet filtering and deep learning techniques Bac+5


Stellar physics, Surface rotation, data analysis, wavelet filtering, deep learning

09/05/2024 4 mois DAp/LDE3
CMOS chip response characterization for the future Upstream Tracker of the LHCb collaboration. Bac+5

Physique nucléaire

GEANT4 simulation. Data analysis with the ROOT framework.

29/05/2023 4 mois DPhN/LQGP
3D models of solar eruption in the era of Solar Orbiter Bac+5


Simulations numériques hautes performances, Formalisme hybride magnétohydrodynamique + cinétique

15/05/2023 4 mois DAp/LDE3
Characterization of a highly pixelated imaging spectrometer for high energy astronomy Bac+5


28/04/2023 5 mois DAp/LSIS
Measurement of the pixel spatial response of IR detectors with X-rays Bac+5


01/04/2023 5 mois DAp/LSIS
Supervision pour système d'acquisition de données pour le projet ATLAS-ITK (M1/M2) Bac+4/5

Génie logiciel

01/05/2023 6 mois DEDIP/LEMID
Multiparticles and multidetectors variance reduction within the Geant4 Monte Carlo code Bac+5

Physique nucléaire

• Physics master student (eg fundamental physics, particle physics, nuclear physics, neutronics) • Knowledge in nuclear and particle physics, quantum mechanics, neutronics

06/04/2023 6 mois DPhN/LEARN
Development of an algorithm to find displaced vertices for the CLAS12 experiment Bac+5

Physique nucléaire

05/06/2023 6 mois DPhN/LSN


The candidate will work on the development of high-efficient machine learning algorithm for the reconstruction of the gamma-conversion vertex in the monolithic crystal. In particular, this work consists in optimization of the data pre-processing (aka features engineering) and evaluation of the reconstruction algorithm performances. Special attention will be made on the development of compact, efficient and fast networks together with a robust uncertainty estimation of the reconstructed parameters in the context of trustworthy AI.

01/04/2023 6 mois DPhP


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