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Moons are born from rings
The planetary rings may be at the origin of most of the satellites around planets
Numerical simulation of Saturn's moon formation from an initial massive rings
This simulation shows how moons are created at the edge of Saturn's rings, and how they move away due to tidal interaction with the planet and the rings.
• As the moons encounter each other they collide and their mass increase (black dots, mass on right scale)
• At the same time, the rings spread and their surface density decreases (solid line, surface density on left scale)
• At the end of the simulation the position and masses of simulated moons (black dots) is similar to t he current position and masses of todays' Saturn's satellite system (grey squares)
Assumptions & Method:
• Saturn's initial rings are 1000 times as massive as today
• Planet's dissipation is strong: Op =1680 (lainey et al., ApJ, 2012)
• Method: HYDRORINGS code {Charnoz et al., /CAR US, 2011)
F. Durillon (www.animea.com), 11/30 2012


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