Nov 08, 2023
ESA has selected THESEUS, a mission dedicated to the transient and multi-messenger Universe, for a feasibility study for its next medium sized mission. IRFU will play a leading role in this, with the responsibility for the IRT telescope.

ESA has selected the THESEUS (Transient High Energy Sky and Early Universe Surveyor) mission as a medium-sized mission candidate. THESEUS is the natural successor to the Sino-French SVOM (Space based astronomical Variable Object Monitor) mission, which will be launched early 2024 (for 5 years of operation) and in which IRFU is also playing a leading role.

THESEUS has been chosen from among 27 missions, along with Plasma Observatory (study of the Earth's magnetosphere) and M-MATISSE (study of the atmosphere and magnetosphere of Mars), for a preliminary study lasting three years (2024-2026), at the end of which one of the three missions will be carried out for launch in 2037.

CEA/IRFU will play a leading role in the mission, as the PI of the international consortium (which includes INAF and Politecnico Milano in Italy, University of Geneva in Switzerland, and LAM Marseille and IJClab Orsay in France) responsible for developing and delivering one of the three satellite's instruments: the IRT (Infra-Red Telescope) and more specifically the camera placed at its focus.


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