Nov 16, 2009
New clean room to accommodate XXL cavities


Work on a new clean room, begun in July 2007 at the Saclay accelerator platform, has just been completed. The new clean room will be officially opened on 24 November 2009 and will replace the chemical facilities and clean room of IRFU's Accelerators, Cryogenics and Magnetism Division (SACM) located at L'Orme, which could no longer undergo all the improvements required to keep pace with current development work. A hall in building 124 (previously the Saturne laboratory) has therefore been renovated to accommodate the future facilities and equipment compatible with future accelerator research requirements and collaborative projects with industrial partners interested in the control of superconducting cavity systems.




New clean room to accommodate XXL cavities

A clean room suite consisting of an air lock (ISO 7), packaging room (ISO 5), clean room (ISO 4), washing booth (ISO 4), technical changing room and hatch system.













Stéphane CHEL

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