Apr 16, 2010
A CNRS medal holder at IRFU
Thierry Lasserre, a physicist at IRFU, has received the Bronze medal in the CNRS awards for 2009
A CNRS medal holder at IRFU

The integration team from one of the "Double Chooz" enclosures with Thierry bottom right.

On April 14, Thierry Lasserre received the CNRS bronze medal from the new director of the In2p3, Jacques Martino. Since 1954, CNRS has awarded three medals each year to renowned researchers or promising young scientists. This Bronze Medal rewards a researcher's first work, which marks that person as a promising specialist in his or her field. The work of Thierry Lasserre concerned the most abundant massive particle in the universe: the neutrino.



Extracts from the discourse and interview with Thierry Lasserre on receipt of his medal:





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