Aug 05, 2010
Mass of the Higgs Boson: new limits of the Tevatron
The CDF and D0 experiments announce their new results in the search for the Higgs Boson
Mass of the Higgs Boson: new limits of the Tevatron

The ICHEP satellite session dedicated to Higgs research attracted a great deal of interest from physicists involved in all of the experiments. Photo credits: Mike Paterson

Physicist working on the CDF and D0 experiments using Fermilab's Tevatron accelerator in Chicago, including scientists from IN2P3/CNRS and IRFU/CEA, announced their latest results on 26 July at the International Conference on High-Energy Physics (ICHEP 2010) in Paris. Their measurement further constrain the Higgs boson mass domain still open within the standard model of particle physics. This means that CDF and D0 have ruled out a Higgs Boson with a mass between 158 and 175 GeV/c2.



An increasing amount of experimental results points to a low mass for this famous boson; will a solution to this puzzle be found sometime in the next two years strong?



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  • Gregorio Bernardi: CNRS/IN2P3 Tel.: 01 44 27 47 94


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