Jun 01, 2002
Are galaxies shy ?

What is the origin of the cosmic diffuse infrared background ?
A study, based on observations by the ISO infrared satellite, brings today a essential answer to this very important astrophysical question. With the help of deep sky images, obtained at the wavelength of 15 microns (medium infrared), a team of astronomers of the Service d'Astrophysique du CEA, in the context of an international collaboration, have discovered a large number of starburst galaxies which have been overlooked in previous observations at other wavelengths. These galaxies are indeed "shy" because their stellar birth regions are masked by a screen of interstellar dust and therefore only revealed in the infrared.

Galaxies ISO

Image of the ISOCAM camera,  showing numerous infrared galaxies in a region called Marano field.


The role of dust unveiled by the ISOCAM camera
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The ISO satellite (internet ESA page) 

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