Nuclear Expertise: Conception


 Assistance for future facilities in order to integrate early in the design stage the safety and the radioprotection as well as the recommendation that will allow, during operation and later during final decommissioning, the optimization in terms of waste.

Assistance in the preparation of needed regulatory documents for the creation and operation of the facility.


 Application of safety regulations for workers ans environmental protection as well as for radioactive waste management.


- Project teams from DAPNIA, in projects leaded by DAPNIA itself or in the framework of collaborations (double Hooz, SOPHI, SPIRAL 2, IFMIF/EVEDA...)

- Curie Institute for the extension of its proton-therapy center in Orsay,

- Nantes University for ARRONAX project,

- DAHER Industrial Services Group.



Scientific and technical contribution of DAPNIA

  •  Participation to design studies

In the framework of design of nuclear facilities, DAPNIA uses beam-material interaction modeling (for beam losses and beam dump for example) in order to :

- optimize the biological shielding (concrete characteristics and thickness, local shielding,...),
- estimate the air activation to set the appropriate ventilation of the building,
- calculate the activation of different equipments to determine the feasibility of their maintenance or further decommissioning,
- estimate the environmental impact of certain accidental situations.
Nuclear Expertise: Conception

Cyclotron ARRONAX
Calcul de l'épaisseur des murs des casemates d'irradiation

  • Préparation of required regulatory documents

In the framework of studies involving DAPNIA, the documentation according to applicable regulations is prepared :

- a document in view of declaration or authorization for facilities concerned by ICPE regulation (Installations Classées au titre de la Protection de l'Environnement),
- a document taking into account the regulations for the protection of workers.

The aim of these documents is to present :

- the technical and organizational requirements for risk management and compliance with regulations,
- applicable operating procedure of the facility,
- specific action to be undertaken in incidental or accidental conditions,
- assessment or environmental impact of an accident. 



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