Nuclear Expertise: Decommissioning - Waste




Take advantage of acquired knowledge during the decommissioning of SATURNE and ALS accelerators with different nuclear actors for :

- management of old radioactive waste,
- preparatory studies for decommissioning of activated structures in order to optimize the management of the generated durin dismantling or final cleaning.


Application of regulations for :

- Nuclear Safety Authority with respect to the waste zoning in nuclear facilities,
- ANDRA for FA/MA and TFA waste acceptance.


CEA facilities or other organizations operating installation in which ionizing radiation is generated (nuclear reactors or accelerators). 

Scientific and technical contribution of DAPNIA


Radiological characterization of nuclear waste and preparation of needed documentation for the appropriate waste mass-flow (nuclear or conventional waste),

Simulation of particle matter interactions and activation studies for irradiated materials.






#2242 - Last update : 10/22 2007


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