A chemistry laboratory and clean room for Supratech
A chemistry laboratory and clean room for Supratech

Chemical treatment fume hoods used where the cavity inner walls are treated with filtered acids to reduce the risk of dust contamination.

With the emergence of projects with large-scale accelerating cavities or even complete cryomodules (e.g. Spiral 2 and XFEL), there has been an increasing need for large surface preparation and clean room assembly facilities.


This need has now been met with the clean room and chemistry laboratory that has been built at the Supratech cryo-RF center. The new rooms occupy an area of 1500 square meters and allow all activities related to radiofrequency cavities to be gathered on a single site.


It took three years to build this major facility, from the requirements studies, which began in December 2006, to the official opening in November 2009. The facility includes:

·           a chemistry laboratory, and its adjoining covered storage area, for handling the hundreds of liters of concentrated acid required for cavity surface treatment,

·           a pure and ultra-pure water treatment system, each capable of supplying 4 m3/h of water, right up to the clean room,

·           a 179 kW refrigeration system,

·           a waste treatment facility (water, acid, vapors),

·           a 170 m2 clean room, including a 112 m2 ISO 4-graded area (previously class 10), equipped with 108 motor-driven terminal filters, and connected to a 33,500 m3/h air treatment unit, with an air exchange rate of 478 volumes per hour,

·           a 370 m2 assembly area with hoisting equipment for handling loads weighing up to 20 metric tons.

A chemistry laboratory and clean room for Supratech

Chemistry laboratory and clean room facility. In the background on the right: washing cabin. Behind the rear wall: ISO 4-grade room; the ventilation system can be seen at the top. Behind the wall on the right: chemistry laboratory.

With this new facility, Supratech will be able to play a key role in a number of European large-scale accelerator projects, and remain among the world leaders in RF superconductivity development work for the next twenty years.

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