Superconducting dipole for an isocentric gantry
Superconducting dipole for an isocentric gantry

General view of the 90 degree deflection dipole (with thanks to SIS).

As part of the Etoile and Asclepios projects, IRFU (SACM, SIS), CNRS/IN2P3 (IPN-Lyon) and GANIL have carried out a feasibility study for an isocentric gantry line to guide beams of 400 MeV carbon ions using superconducting dipole magnets. The study also included costings and timescales.


Within this partnership, the CEA was involved in the magnetic and cryogenic design of the final 90° deflection dipole, the most innovative component in the entire assembly. The purpose of the study is to reduce the dimensions and weight of this magnet, and hence the cost of the building to house it, compared with the gantry constructed for the HIT Center in Heidelberg, Germany, using conventional dipole magnets. This initial study revealed no insurmountable technological problems.


Contacts have been made with an industrial company in order to discuss a possible collaboration leading to the construction of a full-scale prototype of the isocentric gantry.

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