Horizontal Cryogenic Station for Magnetic Tests (SCHEMa)
Horizontal Cryogenic Station for Magnetic Tests (SCHEMa)

Horizontal cryostat closed ( length = 4m )


Test of superconducting magnets at low temperature up to 1.8 K and 20 000 A.

In its standard working mode, the station has a horizontal cryostat which allows one to test cold masses with a diameter of up to 0.6 m and a length of up to 8 m. But it is also possible to test magnets if they have their own cryostat provided an adaptation.




Technical means

  • Power supply: 20 000 A, 5 V,
  • Adjustable protection system with fast circuit breakers,
  • Fast data acquisition system for diagnostics (160 channels at 20 kHz).

As of today's date, the refrigerator is not available. Different possibilities are currently explored to supply the station with liquid helium. The power supply is controlled by computer.




Horizontal Cryogenic Station for Magnetic Tests (SCHEMa)

Back view of the opened horizontal cryostat, for experimental measures of LHC power lines

Horizontal Cryogenic Station for Magnetic Tests (SCHEMa)

LHC Quadripôle SSS5 tests



Achievements, related projects

  •  The CERN TAP dipole (example of a magnet in a cryostat),
  •  The LHC quadripole prototypes (e.g. SSS5),
  •  The Race Track (a coil prototype of the ATLAS toroid at scale 1/20),
  •  Sizing and manufacturing processes of LHC superconducting busbars,
  •  The Niobium tin quadripole,                                            
  •  The R3B-glad coil’s mockup.







Technical steps, expertise

  • Positioning of the magnet in the cryostat, fluid, energy, diagnostic adjustment and junction,
  • Adjustment and tuning of measurement and security chains,
  • Conditioning of the refrigerator and of the high intensity electric supply,
  • Check at high and low temperatures of the quality and insulation of measurements and diagnostics,
  • Cooling of the magnet,
  • Partial operating tests before increasing the current to its nominal value,
  • Check of the “quench” behavior,
  • Progressive rise of the current and search for the maximal operating current.
Horizontal Cryogenic Station for Magnetic Tests (SCHEMa)

Cryostat view in an extended mode ( length = 8m)


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