352 MHz RF Platform
 352 MHz RF Platform

352 MHz klystrons in Synergium


High power tests of RF accelerator components (power couplers, RFQ, warm cavities) can be performed for structures resonating at 352 MHz. The platform is equipped with two CW klystrons and one pulsed klystron. RF signal can be sent to three radiation shielded bunkers.


Technical means

  • Two CW klystrons (P = 1.3 MW, f = 352 MHz), connected to IPHI RFQ bunker,
  • One pulsed klystron (PPeak = 2.8 MW, f = 352 MHz), providing pulses with duration from T = 10 μs to 3.6 ms at repetition rates from r = 1 to 50 Hz (max P = 240 kW average power). This pulsed RF signal can be sent to:
    • ESS/RFQ radiation shielded bunker,
    • ESS/SARAF radiation shielded bunker.
 352 MHz RF Platform

1.3 MW CW 352 MHz klystron

 352 MHz RF Platform

ESS RFQ power couplers test stand

Achievements, related projects

  • RF conditioning of IPHI RFQ,
  • RF conditioning of a pair of power couplers for IPNO ESS spoke cavities,
  • RF conditioning for power couplers of ESS RFQ,
  • INFN TRASCO RFQ section tests,
  • X-ray measurement for the LINAC4 facility at CERN,
  • RF window power tests for the ESS Drift Tube Linac (DTL),
  • Conditioning of the RFQ of the high intensity proton injector, IPHI, until the useful cycle of 50%,
  • IPHI operation up to the 30% duty cycle

Technical steps, expertise

  • Installation of RF components and control / command provided by client,
  • Connection to RF guides, water cooling if needed and RF safety system,
  • Test / conditioning of RF component according to protocol agreed upon by client and CEA,
  • Dismounting of RF component.


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