352 MHz RF platform

352 MHz RF platform is equipped with:

? Two Thales TH2089B klystrons that can each deliver 1.3 MW of continuous RF power.

? One Thales TH2179A pulsed klystron with an in-built DTI Sigmaphi modulator with a peak power of 3 MW, which can deliver 240 kW of average RF power, with a pulse length of between 10 and 3600 μs and a frequency repetition of between 1 and 50 Hz. In particular these characteristics cover the useful cycle of the ESS (European Spallation Source).

These RF power sources can supply either the high intensity proton injector (IPHI) or two radiation shielded bunkers for RF power or conditioning tests on accelerator structures (RFQs, power couplers, resonant cavities).


#4139 - Last update : 08/01 2017


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