Cryo/HF Supratech platform

The Cryo/HF Supratech station has cryogenic and hyper-frequency equipments[PO1] that can be used to develop the key subassemblies of superconducting accelerators such as superconducting cavities, power couplers and complete accelerator modules (e.g. cryomodules).

In the last three years, it has been used to test the 12 cavities and 12 cryomodules for SPIRAL2, the HIPPI power couplers (for the European EuCARD program and in collaboration with CERN) and the prototype cavities for the IFMIF and ESS projects.

The station has also R&D purpose to develop new processes for preparing superconducting cavities in order to improve their performance (maximum accelerator field and minimal RF losses).


[PO1]Sou pas?


The test station consists of:


? A liquid helium production unit, consisting of an 80 g/s screw compressor (Mycom) coupled with a 100 m³ buffer tank, a coldbox – more commonly known as a liquefactor – with two turbo pressure regulators, a liquid nitrogen pre-cooler and an internal purifier manufactured by Air Liquide. This HELIAL refrigerator unit can produce around 140 l/hour. With thiese s systems, we also havean electricity substation, three 2000 liter buffertanks and three pump units assigned to each cryostat in order to pump on the helium bath and reach temperatures of saturated superfluid helium.



? A horizontal cryostat (CryHoLab), with its accessories, power coupler and tuner system, which is used for testing superconductor cavities under identical conditions to the conditions in an accelerator, i.e. a cavity in a horizontal position.


? Two large vertical cryostats are used to measure accelerating gradient and surface resistance of superconducting cavit

CV1: Usable diameter: 0.45 m, height: 1.7 m

Helium height: 1 m at 4.2 K and 0.6 m at 1.7 K,

Consumption: 450 l of He per test.

CV2: Usable diameter: 0.7 m, height: 2.92 m

Helium height: 1.9 m at 4.2 K and 1.2 m at 1.7 K,

Consumption: 1,500 l of helium per test.



Two small vertical cryostats, C1 and C2, which are used for measuring the thermo-mechanical properties of superconducting materials.



? An RF power platform consisting of:

- One 704 MHz pulsed klystron with peak power 1 MW and a pulse length of 4 ms at a frequency of 16 Hz (which meets the specifications of the ESS project).

- One 704 MHz/80 kW continuous power source (IOT type).

- One 1,300 MHz pulsed klystron with peak power 2 MW, a pulse length of 1 ms at a frequency of 10 Hz (20 kW average).



? A bunker that can receive large cryomodules such as those used for ESS, SARAF, IFMIF and ILC, connected both to the liquid helium production unit and to the RF platform..


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