Optical Diagnostics Integration Laboratory (LIDO)

The optical diagnostics integration laboratory, or LIDO, is a clean, dark enclosed 20 m² space within DIVA. Access to it is restricted to authorized personnel.

It has a 1 metric tonne hoist, a large optical table and many optical components (lenses, mirrors, light sources, photodiodes, a wattmeter, etc.), as well as mechanical components and imaging components (spectrometer, CCD cameras).

It is designed for the assembly, adjustment, calibration and dimensioning of optical diagnostic systems in an adapted environment prior to their installation on ion beams. It was recently classed as a laser controlled area, and a class 3R laser is currently used for optical coupling and transmission measurements for the whole optoelectronic chain of an optical diagnostic device for the ESS project. The aim is to maximize light collection in order to increase the signal-to-noise ratio and to corroborate the results with photometric simulations done with Apilux.

#4145 - Last update : 08/01 2017


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