DEDIP : technological plateforms

First of all at the service of Irfu's needs, its skills also enable valorisation actions towards other CEA units, and reciprocally another of its strengths is to be able to benefit from the skills of the other CEA units. The DEDIP also aims to develop its skills to other players in the world of research or industry, in particular in societal fields such as medicine, art, etc...

To successfully carry out its projects, DEDIP has world-class technological platforms:

Micromegas FABLAB (MPGD Workshop) for the realization of microstructured gas detectors

Mirror test platform (30m deep black room)
Clean room including 30m2 ISO 8, 30m2 ISO 7 of which 5m² ISO 5 under laminar flow, with a material airlock
The 112 m2 ISO7 CICLAD clean room with a hardware SAS and a "washing station" SAS. It is equipped with instrumented marbles for the construction of large volume detector modules. Commissioning in summer 2016
3 large integration halls including one with a 65 m2 black room
Semi-automatic bonder and 3D microscopic camera part (with LAL to ORSAY under-tip test machine) of P2IO/CAPTINNOV platform
9 workstation platform for microelectronics design and simulation (ASIC)
A vacuum evaporation platform for thin film deposition (Aluminium, gold, CsI...)
A cryogenic platform consisting of 2 cryostats to test elements up to 20mkelvin (Bolometer Ge, NTD...)
Optical measurement platform: spectrometry and photometry (VUV-IR), optical 3D metrological controls (10 microns)
A muon telescope to test detectors (spatial resolution, homogeneity...)
Vacuum chambers for (vacuum) detector tests: low pressure gas detector, silicon...





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