Thermosiphon test bench
Thermosiphon test bench

Thermosiphon Station: Study of two-phase flows in cryogenic natural circulation


Characterization of single phase and two-phase flows (by measurements of mass flow rate, volume ratio, pressure drop and wall temperature) along a vertical test section (h = 1.2 m) and a horizontal test section (Φ = 0.4 m) at the temperatures of liquid helium and nitrogen.

The station offers a large versatility in the geometry of the cooling loop.



Technical means

  • Power dissipated in the samples P ≤ 1 kW,


  • Supply by dewar,


  • Multi-channel fast data acquisition system (333 kHz / number of channels),


  • Possible measurement types:
    • Temperature measurements in helium and nitrogen,
    • Mass flow rate measurements of liquid helium from 0 to 22 g/s, and mass flow rate measurements up to 8 g/s for gaseous helium at a dissipated power of 160 W,
    • Mass flow rate measurements of nitrogen from 0 to 40 g/s for a maximum dissipated power of 8 kW,
    • Vapour volume ratio measurements from 0 to 0.25,
    • Absolute and differential pressure measurements in the loop.

Achievements, related projects

  • Implementation of different types of flows in the framework of R&D projects.
  • Definition of the CMS cooling system (thermosiphon) and validation of its working principle on this platform.
  • Study of the cooling system (thermosiphon) of the super FRS magnets (future study).


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