Effective Field theory and Strong interaction
ESNT workshop
Apr. 08th 2024 to Apr. 26th 2024
Bat 703, p 135 salle visio-conférence, CEA Saclay, Orme des Merisiers

On behalf of the "Espace de Structure et de réactions Nucléaires Théorique" (ESNT), the workshop entitled: "Effective Field theory and Strong interaction" will be held on 8th-26th April at CEA-Saclay, Orme-des-Merisiers site.

The first week is an open session (with afternoon seminars, from 8th till 12th April) to present the objectives of the workshop and the on-going studies on the strong interaction in the context of the Effective field theories. Second and third week of the workshop (closed sessions) will be devoted to works in progress and detailed studies pushed forward by the organizers.
The goals of the project include:
- Defining the current state of the field.
- Establishing a standardized framework for defining interactions to ensure consistency in theories.
- Developing a subleading power counting scheme applicable to both few- and many-body systems.
- Building a pool of expertise for fitting and testing interactions in realistic systems.
- Defining task assignments and achievable collaboration milestones.
- Promoting the exchange of technologies and expertise to provide a comprehensive understanding of the project and its subcomponents for all participants. 
For details about the updated program, see the ESNT Web pages: https://esnt.cea.fr >> Ateliers 2024
For further information and registration, please contact the organizers of the project (see the Web page of the workshop).

Contact : Valerie LAPOUX


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