Tuning surface properties by Atomic layer deposition: from superconducting resonators to lasers - Contrôle des propriétés de surface par dépôt de couches atomiques : des résonateurs supraconducteurs aux lasers.
Fri, Jun. 28th 2024, 14:00
Bat 774, amphithéâtre Claude Bloch, CEA Saclay, Orme des Merisiers

During this HDR defense, I will focus on the use of Atomic Layer deposition (ALD) and state of the art characterization techniques to tune and probe the surface electronic or optical properties for various applications. After an introduction to ALD and tunneling spectroscopy (TS), I will describe the various apparatus I built over the years prior to focusing on five selected topics that combine these techniques:

  • The growth and electronic properties investigations of selected thin superconducting films synthesized by ALD.
  • Superconducting cavities (SRF) used in particle accelerators and how ALD and TS are used to understand and improve their performance.
  • 3D SRF cavities found a second life in the quantum sensor and computing domain and I’ll describe how the approaches we developed for SRF cavities are pertinent for other superconducting resonators: Qubits.
  • The next topics focuses on mitigating a wellknown problem in particle accelerators, multipacting, with ALD multilayers and how our successful results seeded collaboration to other applications.

At last, I’ll present an example of the controlled incorporation of dopant for application in lasers prior to concluding on future perspectives.

Contact : Guillaume CAMPAGNA


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