DIS - plateforms

Mechanical design and engineering are ensured by a mastery of software tools to meet the various requirements (space, accelerator, certification, thermo-hydraulics,...) such as, for general design and design office: Catia V5, or Smarteam, and, for finite element simulations : Ansys, Cast3m (developed by the CEA), NX8, SNCT (certification for pressure devices) and own tools according to needs; a 3D printer for rapid prototyping of models or parts in polymer material and a documentary base covering the main aspects of general engineering.

Specific guidelines have been adopted and new tools deployed since 2008 to strengthen traceability and adapt to the new performance demands of innovative instruments. In particular : Smarteam, deployed for the Iseult project, which constitutes a scalable collaboration platform on all product data, throughout its life cycle, for all project stakeholders. The Salome multi-physics platform has been deployed and used in the context of specific R&D to meet the needs of increasingly high-performance innovative instruments. To meet the requirements of controls and advanced tests, are available with the associated skills : a 3D metrology machine with contactless optical head under controlled environment; cryostats for specific lifetime qualification tests.

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