Un satellite pour l'étude de l’univers chaud et énergétique. Lancement prévu pour 2031. A satellite to study hot and energetic universe to be launched in 2031.  
Caméra installée au foyer du télescope de 3,6m de diamètre du CFHT. Camera installed on the 3,6m diameter telescope of the CFHT.
Scientific Issues and Project Framework The MINOS project aims at performing the spectroscopy of very exotic nuclei produced by fragmentation at the radioactive ion beam facilities such as RIKEN or GSI / FAIR. The structure of the targeted atomic nuclei should allow us to bring strong constraints on the nuclear interaction acting between nucleons in the nucleus.
Spectroscopy and Identification of Rare Isotopes Using S3
The high-intensity stable beams of the superconducting linear accelerator of the SPIRAL2 facility at GANIL coupled with the Super Separator Spectrometer (S3) and a high-performance focal-plane spectrometer will open new horizons for the research in the domains of rare nuclei and low cross-section phenomena at the limit of nuclear stability.


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