Development of innovative detectors for Positron Emission Tomography
Positron emission tomography (PET) is a powerful nuclear imaging technique used widely nowadays in oncology, cardiology and neuropsychiatry. The PET technology consists in injecting the patient with a radioactive tracer, of interest to probe a biochemical process. The decay of the tracer emits a positron which annihilate with an electron. As a result of the annihilation, two photons with energy 511 keV are emitted back-to-back and registered by the dedicated detectors.
a Quantum Solar Concentrator based on Rotating Photon Optical Fibers
Basic principle of a Solar Concentrator with Rotating Photons Optical Fibers   Coming from fundamental research on solar neutrino, the Solar Quantum Concentrator( CSQ) is a future low-cost and high efficiency solution for photovoltaic solar energy. CSQ is made of a carpet bundle of Rotating Photon Optical Fibers (FORP)  trapping, converting and guiding solar light towards a photovoltaic cell. A small ribbon of photovoltaic cell is put on the perimeter of the fiber carpet.


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