« Irfu's mechanical and thermal design office » The Design, studies and preliminary projects laboratory (LCAP) is the "mechanical and thermal design office" in charge of the architecture and design of instruments, at the service of Irfu's projects.
Design, studies and preliminary projects laboratory (LCAP)
Electrical Engineering Studies and Integration Laboratory (LEIGE)
The laboratory is structured around three areas of expertise: electrical engineering, power electronics and instrumentation. These areas of expertise are divided into the following activities: Studies, realizations, commissioning and maintenance in electrical engineering associated with the control-command of Irfu experiments. These cover all equipment located between the supervision station and the experiment.
Staff : 7 agents   The Industry Liaison Laboratory (ILL) is the interface between the engineering and design office, scientists, the procurement division of CEA and industrial companies.
Industry Liaison Laboratory (LRI)
Instrumental electronics laboratory (LEI)
The instrumental electronics laboratory is in charge of developing electronic systems to measure, control or secure equipment for research in physics.


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