Development and integration platform for nuclear and particle physics

For subatomic physics experiments, laboratories rely on platforms that allow them to develop R&D on detectors and microelectronics, but also to integrate them, test them and measure their performance.

R&D focuses, for example, on improving the characteristics of Micromégas detectors: high flux resistance, picosecond time measurement, radiation resistance, neutron detection, high energy resolution. To meet these needs, the "MICROMEGAS FABLAB" has been developed. This workshop is used to build Micromegas detectors or MPGDs (micro patterned gas detectors). It has equipment traditionally used in the field of printed circuits and screen printing. This is a key factor in R&D for Micromegas construction processes, but also to facilitate transfer to industry.

Muonic tomography, based on Micormagas-based trajectographs, is also taking off (ScanPyramids collaboration). The Mimosa platform housed in a 500 m² building is dedicated to the construction and characterization of instruments for muon imaging, as well as a pool of muon imagers, in a building with a total surface area of 500 m².

Irfu is also pursuing developments on innovative pixel silicon detectors, low noise microelectronic circuits targeted upgrades LHC detectors.

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