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The scientific exploitation of the LHC (Large Hadron Collider), planned to start operation in 2008 will be the higher priority in high energy physics for the next coming years.
In the following step new large instruments will be required to reach a fine characterization of LHC discoveries, and analyse new phenomena around the TeV scale.
The energy required (probably a few TeV), will be precised by the first results of the LHC, i.e. about 2010.

Two electron-positron collider projects are currently under study to address this demand.

The International Linear Collider (500 GeV extensible to 1 TeV) uses supra-conductive technology.

The CERN LInear Collider, targets higher energy (3-5 TeV), uses high frequency copper cavities (150MV/m accelerating gradient) and implements an innovative “dual-beam-acceleration” concept. This new ambitious concept is required to reach the expected energies but presents a real technological challenges needing validation by an extensive R&D program.

In this pospect the CERN CLIC R&D program, will demonstrate the feasibility of key critical  elements, such as the high gradient accelerating structures. The CLIC CTF3 3rd generation test facility platform is being built at CERN in the framework of an international collaboration and is expected to provide results before 2010.


CLIC/CTF3 is presently in construction at CERN in Geneva.


Dapnia Contribution

DAPNIA regards our support to CERN as a priority axis in the post LHC phase.

In the CLIC project, DAPNIA is the principal investigator for CALIFES, the linear accelerator of 200MeV generating the "diagnostic" beam. This accelerator will simulate the CLIC main beam and will be in relation with the drive beam (35A, 150MeV).

The objective of this linac is to characterize the performances of the CLIC structures at 12 GHz.

The IN2P3-LAL also takes part in the project by providing the Photo-Injector, started by laser.


The injection sector, with laser and RF .


End of the LIL sections, with their instrumentation.

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