The Particle Physics Division


The department of particle physics is interested in five topics: the physics of colliders, neutrinos but also low energy interactions, cosmic phenomena of high energy, astroparticles and the dark Universe. In collaboration with the other departments of the institute, the DPhP participates in the development of experiments like the LHC and Double Chooz, analyzes the data produced by international collaborations like H.E.S.S. or eBOSS allowing thanks to the collected data to validate theoretical models such as for example the model of general relativity used in cosmology. DPhP is thus participating in the new era of astrophysics, that of multi-messengers. Strong skills in simulation and modeling enable the DPhP to participate in major programs simulating the evolution of the Universe.

The DPhP also explores innovative experimental concepts for its own themes by contributing to detector developments with future accelerators such as improvements to the LHC in collaboration with other departments of the Institute, or for societal applications, in the areas of health with the Calipso project whose goal is to build a PET detector for medical research and alternative energies like Qyos.


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Head of the Particle Physics Division: Gautier Hamel de Monchenault

Deputy-head: Georges Vasseur

Secretary : Martine Oger

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