XMM Observations

XMM-XXL North: center 2h23min -4deg30'


blue : XMM-LSS observations

red : XMM-XXL observations 

yellow : observations from other programs 

The black rectangle indicates de VIPERS spectroscopic survey


126 new 10ks  observations







XMM-XXL South: center 23h30min -55deg00'


blue, cyan, green, pink : existing data  

red : XMM-XXL observations


80 new observations


XMM-XXL Background Maps

For details on the processing and availability of the X-ray data, see XXL paper I


The XXL background maps in the [0.5-2 keV] band. All detected X-ray sources have been masked and individual images have been divided by their respective exposure maps. Pointings having a background level higher than 8 ct/s/arcmin2 are indicated by a black cross; these observations are below the XXL science acceptance threshold




North Field

South Field

XMM-XXL Exposure Maps (ks)


Current effective exposure map of the XXL survey after event filtering.
Observations having a cleaned (merged) exposure shorter than 7ks are indicated by a blue cross; these observations are below the XXL science acceptance threshold.


North Field

South Field

Last update : 12/14 2015 (3023)

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