5th French-Ukrainian workshop on instrumentation  
The fifth French-Ukrainian workshop on the instrumentation developments for HEP will take place at LAL on November 6-8, 2017.
Joint developments between French and Ukrainian laboratories/universities as well as new proposals will be discussed.
Discussion will be centered around the topics of the LIA IDEATE project.
Main subjects of the program are:

R&D accelerators and beam monitoring;
R&D detectors;
Medical applications;
Joint developments for HEP and neutrino physics projects;
Experimental platforms;
Other joint developments.

This year the workshop is coupled to the meeting of the ERDIT European platform, which will be held at LAL and Synchrotron Soleil Laboratory on November 8-10.
For more details: http://french-ukrainian-workshop-2017.lal.in2p3.fr/
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http://french-ukrainian-workshop-2017.la ...

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