Technology Infrastructure for Accelerators and SC Magnets

Part of the AMICI Collaboration


The CEA-Saclay technical platforms are clustered in a building complex covering an area of 25 000 m2 called ‘Synergium’ as it hosts a large number of technical activities profiting from common skills, personnel and services with complementary themes of development. In fact, the Synergium includes:

  • Test beam facilities
  • Test stations for superconducting magnets and large size cryogenic components
  • Test stations under high magnetic field
  • Characterization stations at cryogenic temperature
  • Test stations for RF devices and superconducting cavities
  • Chemistry, clean room and assembly complex for superconducting cavities and cryomodules
  • Characterization and measurement laboratories
  • Superconducting magnet winding and impregnation laboratories


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