Apr 01, 2016
The enigma of icy bodies in the Solar System
Researchers from CEA and Paris-Diderot University think they have discovered the phenomenon behind the exceptional thermal insulation of small icy bodies located beyond Jupiter: an underlayer of amorphous ice water, a few centimeters below the surface. They now understand better why these bodies are unable to store heat from the sun. This work is published in the April volume of the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics.  
Mar 29, 2016
The INTEGRAL satellite to search for the source of gravitational waves
One instrument of the INTEGRAL satellite that continuously monitors the sky was active at the time of the discovery by the LIGO instrument of the first ever-detected gravitational wave, GW150914, resulting from the merger of two black holes. It allowed to search the existence of a high-energy source of light, associated with this exceptional event.


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