Development, integration and test platform for accelerators and superconducting magnets: Synergium

The Synergium is the large technology platform in the Accelerators, Cryogenics and Magnetism Department covering more than 25,000 m². It is intended for the national, European and international community, for research and development in the field of particle accelerators, cryogenic systems and superconducting magnets for the purposes of fundamental research.

It contains the assembly, testing and thermal, cryogenic, mechanical, electrical and RF testing and characterisation resources needed for these cutting-edge activities.

For many years, this platform has been playing a major role in the construction of high-tech instruments for high-energy and nuclear physics.

Its activities extend to related areas such as

  • fusion (IFMIF materials study installation for thermonuclear fusion and qualification of the coils for the Japanese JT-60 SA tokamak),
  • the physical sciences (Iseult very high field magnetic resonance imager installed at NeuroSpin),
  • or light sources (cryomodules for the XFEL source).

The Synergium can be divided into 2 main activity sectors dedicated to studies and tests for cryomagnetism and studies and tests for accelerator components, respectively. Split between these two areas is the cryogenic production equipment and the test facilities for evaluating thermo-mechanical properties, as well as the mechanical workshop.


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#4437 - Last update : 02/16 2023



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