Sep 25, 2013
First images of a new camera on the APEX telescope
The new ArTéMiS camera has been successfully installed on the APEX telescope (Atacama Pathfinder Experiment). APEX is a 12 meter diameter telescope at an altitude of 5100m in the Atacama Desert, operating at sub-millimeter and sub-millimeter wavelengths - between infrared light and radio waves of the electromagnetic spectrum - a precious tool for astronomers to scrutinize the cold universe. This new instrument has just delivered a spectacular and very detailed view of the nebula of the Patte de Chat.
Jul 06, 2007
First astronomical image at 450 µm on APEX with P-ArTéMiS (6 juillet 2007)
The first Astronomical image taken by a new generation of camera called "ArTeMiS-1" were obtained with the APEX telescope in March 2007, at Chajnantor in Chile. This bolometer camera operates in the "submillimetre" domain, between the infrared and the millimetre waves, where the cold objects of the Universe emit most of their energy. The camera is based on the technology developed at the Service d'Astrophysique of CEA/DAPNIA, and LETI/LIR at CEA/Grenoble for the Herschel Space Observatory.
May 12, 2006
A camera cooled to 0.3 degree above the absolute zero
  The first images from a new generation camera called "ArTeMiS-1"  have just been obtained at theGornergrat Observatory, near Zermatt in Switzerland. This camera operates in the still poorly known "sub-millimetre" domain, between the infrared and the millimetre waves. It is an array of  16x16 bolometers, small detectors which measure the light energy by converting it into heat. These detectors need to be cooled at very low temperature, only 300 millidegrees above the absolute zero.


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