Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-05-228

LHC Proton Beams Diagnostics using Synchrotron Radiation (CERN-2004-007)
L. Ponce, R. Jung, F. Méot
To carry out the transverse diagnostic of the LHC proton beams, it is planned to use a synchrotron
light monitor.
In order to optimize the performance over the whole LHC energy range (from 450 GeV up to 7 TeV), a
comparative study of various types of source was undertaken. First of all based on analytical models
making it possible to determine the
angular spectral energy density emitted by these sources, then using simplifying models like the low
frequency model
 or the interference between sources derivations, the study was completed by numerical simulations to
evaluate the
sources performances in more real use conditions. The results obtained made it possible to propose the
installation of  a two 28~cm long periods superconducting undulator, combined with a separation dipole
to make it possible to measure
profiles over all the energy ramp. Lastly, the monitor performance evaluation is supplemented by a
detailed analysis of
the optical system. First of all, the components of the telescope are described in order to evaluate
the thresholds of
detection. Then, the effects of diffraction and depth of field which constitute the limits of the
system resolution
 were studied numerically.
 These results made it possible to come to the construction of a RS monitor making it possible to satisfy
the LHC beams diagnostic requirements.


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