Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-07-98

Low Field Instabilities in Nb3Sn Multifilamentary Wires: A Possible Role of Un-Reacted N
P. Fabbricatore, M. Greco, C. Ferdeghini, C. Bernini, U. Gambardella, G. Celentano, A. Devred
We report an experimental study aiming to demonstrate the not neglegible role of un-reacted Nb on the magnetic instabilities 
in superconducting Nb3Sn multifilamentary wires, observable through partial flux jumps at magnetic field values below 0.5 T. 
The analyzed wires were recently developed for dipoles required in future high energy proton accelerators and are based on 
the Powder-In-Tube technology. We studied both not reacted (only involving Nb filaments) and reacted wires, finding flux 
jump instabilities in both cases, when performing magnetic measurements. The results can be interpreted on the basis of 
the critical state modeland are coherent with the intrinsic stability criterion.


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