Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-07-199

Studies of Dipole Field Quality for the Beta-Beam Decay Ring.
A. Chancé, J. Payet
The aim of the beta-beams is to produce highly energetic beams of pure electron 
neutrino and anti-neutrino, coming from beta-decays of the 18Ne10+ and 6He2+, 
both at gamma=100, directed toward experimental halls situated in the Frjus tunnel. 
The high intensity ion beams are stored in a ring until the ions decay. The beta-decay 
products have a magnetic rigidity different from the one of the parent ions and are 
differently deflected in the 6 T superconducting dipoles. Consequently, all the injected 
ions are lost anywhere in the ring, generating a high level of irradiation. So, the dipole 
apertures need to be large enough to avoid the decay products hitting their walls, which 
may worsen the field quality. A study on its tolerances has been carried out. Since the 
decay ring has to accept the beam during a large number of turns, the chosen criteria is 
the size of the dynamic aperture that the multipolar defects in the dipoles may shrink. 
Tolerances on the systematic errors of these defects have been investigated. In order 
to relax the tolerances, a routine was written which automatically enlarges the dynamic 
aperture in presence of field errors.


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