Composition du conseil Scientifique de l'Irfu

Composition du conseil:

(* présidente du conseil scientifique)


Members Institute  
Xavier Barcons ESO President of the European Southern Observatory council, former president of the SSAC of ESA, Prof. at the Spanish Council for Scientific Research.
Angela Bracco* INFN Chair of NuPECC, Chair of the Nuclear Physics Board of INFN, Professor of Physics at the University of Milano.
Ariella Cattai CERN Senior Physicist, ATLAS experiment
Hideto En’yo RIKEN Director of the RIKEN Nishina Center for Accelerator-Based Science.
Neil Gehrels NASA Chief, Astroparticle Physics Laboratory, NASA/GSFC, College Park Professor of Astronomy, U. Maryland and Professor of Astronomy & Astrophysics, Penn State U.
Norbert Holtkamp SLAC Director of the Accelerator Directorate, former principal deputy director general of ITER.
Peter Jenni CERN Former Spokesperson, ex-officio of the ATLAS experiment, member of the ATLAS collaboration.
Leonid Rivkin PSI Member of the « board of Directors » of Paul Scherrer Institute, Head of the PSI department of large research facilities, Professor of accelerator physics at EPFL.
Nathalie Roe BERKELEY Director of the Berkeley Physics Division.
Graham Smith BROOKHAVEN Head of the Instrumentation Division at Brookhaven Lab.



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